9 Ways to Rock Instagram

Instagram is a superpower among the top social media networks. With 70.7% of US businesses using it in 2017, you should also learn how to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Are your clients even on Instagram?

If you want to build relationships and have conversations with Instagram’s 700M users, then yes, Instagram is for you. There are accounts for ever kind of subject which attracts all kinds of users.

To rock your Instagram content this year, here are some tips you should be doing already.

1. Post Consistently

With the changes made to Instagram's algorithm, it's easy for brands to lose visibility on their followers' feed. Posting consistently increases your visibility and gives you an opportunity to connect more with your followers.

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2. Talk to Your Audience

Sure, Instagram is a highly visual platform but utilizing text to accompany your photos allows you to communicate your message more effectively. A well-written caption will do wonders for connecting you to your followers.

3. Tell a Story

Your followers don’t just want to see ads. Telling them a story consistent to your brand helps them relate to you and encourages them to engage with you. This goes for both photos and the caption, imagine your feed is like a magazine but with less ads. Create content that is attractive, powerful, helpful, emotional or educational.

4. Research Hashtags

Hashtags enable your followers to find your content as well as those generated by other users of your brand. This helps increase your visibility and build your community. If you are just starting out try to use hashtags that haven't been used 1 million times, try using hashtags that are easier to compete in and have only been used five thousand times.

5. Use Stories and GeoTag

Instagram Stories has more than 250M active daily users. It allows you to be more interactive with your followers without necessarily posting something as polished as your in-feed content. Geotagging, on the other hand, is the process of adding a location to a photo or video, which helps users find content specific to your location. Posts with a location get more engagement.

6. Don't Post Blurry Photos

Instagram is a highly visual platform that you should utilise to present your brand in the best way possible. Posting blurry photos convey a negative message that you don’t care to make an effort.

7. Have a Branded Theme

Everything you post need to be consistent with your brand and your marketing strategy. Don’t just post anything under the sun. Think about layout, colours, what you posted last, what story does it tell. If your stuck for creating your own theme check out my Instagram Puzzle feed template and tutorial. It will help you get the most amazing feed that will stand out!

8. Have Your Bio Optimised

Your bio is your brand’s introduction. Have a searchable name and an on-brand profile photo. Don't stop at stating what you do. Add a call to action. Since it's the only place on Instagram where you can place a clickable link, use it to drive traffic to your website or use your own Squarespace site, Linktree or Campsite for multiple links.

9. Know Your Target Audience and What They Want to See

It’s all about engaging with your audience. You can’t do that effectively if you don’t know what they like and what makes them tick. Do your research before you come up with your strategy.

These are all effective ways to improve your Instagram game. It’s about making it a tool for your business and have it run so you can focus on the things you are good at.

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