9 Amazing things Squarespace can do

Gone are the days where you have to live with complex and wearisome coding for your website. There’s an abundance of choice for creating and hosting sites today, but it’s a bit overwhelming to choose.

Whatever your goal is, Squarespace is a great option for you. It’s ideal if you’re looking for functionality, uncomplicated but never boring website builder and hosting.

Here are some amazing things Squarespace can do:

1. Create a membership website

Want to have a membership site but just cannot for the life of you figure out how to protect your content? Want an easy-flowing process and access information in a well-structured way?

Memberspace is a membership site with easy-flowing process and access. It’s pretty straightforward to use. Set up a system to protect pages and have people sign up on recurring payments.

The pricing is pretty good and there's another option where it's completely free until you have at least 5 members.

This means you can set up a whole subscription site for free until you manage to target your subscription site and get memberships.

There’s lots of great options about working with Squarespace and creating a membership website is one of them. You get the ease of using Squarespace and combine it with Memberspace.  

Resource link: www.memberspace.com


2. Create a subscription site

Squarespace offers recurring payments. It offers a subscription-based payment with e-commerce ocean. It’s really cool if you want to do something like a subscription box of chocolates! It just would suit any subscription site.
It's easy to set up. Just go through the normal process of setting up your product and there will be a subscription option. Select what options you would like from there.

3. Take online bookings

You can use almost any booking system with Squarespace. It's currently partnered with Acuity which helps you have a professional and headache-free booking.

Use this or any code into Squarespace for booking sites. Another really good one is Timely.


4. Add GIFs

Videos and images are definitely on Squarespace. But did you know you can actually upload GIF too? That means you can have those cool repeating video or image at your site.

Run your file through a GIF compressor and it'll compress it for you.

Now you can make your site more fun and quirky!

5. Upload podcasts

Another exciting feature of Squarespace is it allows you to upload podcasts! Add them to your site if you think it fits your business.

It's fairly easy and you can use it to communicate with your audience. I'll put some instructions below for you to see.

6. Create landing pages and sales pages

No need to use expensive tools for your website pages. Squarespace allows you to create them for free!

First set up a page that isn't linked to anywhere onto your website.

I like to use index pages because it means you can build out sections of your sales page and move them around really easily.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 12.56.05.png

Then find your collection ID by right clicking and viewing page source.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 12.52.55.png

You should see a whole page that looks like code. Hit command F or Control F to open the search and search for

body ID=

You want to copy everything in between the speech marks that is the collection id.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 13.01.02.png

Then embed the below code into your sites CSS panel to remove the header and the footer. You can get to your CSS panel by going Design>Custom CSS

Screenshot 2019-05-09 13.03.27.png

Then enter your code with your own collection id:

#collection-5a8cd71e71c10b2aca4042a4 (this-is-your-own-collection-id) {

.Header {display:none;}

.Footer {display:none;}


7. Upload your own creative content

Expand the possibilities for your website! After all, you're not stuck with standard and boring image from the internet.

Create any kind of image for your content using Canva, Photoshop, or whatever designing tools you like then upload it to Squarespace. Collages are a great way to use for creating your own template.

8. Create a custom Thank You page

A little bit of coding is needed for this one. I added it below. It's easy for you to copy and paste!

When someone fills out a form and clicks submit, the code redirects to the page you selected. Add an image of yourself, some champagne and confetti, a happy puppy, or anything celebratory for great customer experience.

Get creative. You have complete control with this custom code and you can link it to anything. Try redirecting it to a blog, social media, or sales pages. The possibilities are endless!

To put the code in edit the form block>advanced tab>copy code into POST-SUBMIT HTML

Screenshot 2019-05-09 13.07.50.png


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.yoururl.com/your-thank-you-page-url" />


9. Link Squarespace to your Instagram bio

Linking your Squarespace to your Instagram bio allows you to have more than one link. I used third party apps before like Linktree but they often went down if you don't have the premium plan.

You can use Squarespace to create and link page for free! Use buttons to link to all the pages you want to add then add that URL in your Instagram bio. It's great for driving all the traffic to your website.

Step up your website’s game

Squarespace really wanted to make 2019 their year! The drag and drop interface seems basic BUT these amazing features and easy-to-use platform that integrates different third-party apps really does a lot of bang for your buck! I highly recommend checking it out.

Get a free trial from www.squarespace.com


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