8 Reasons Why You Should Plan and Design Your Instagram

Instagram can be a highly effective social media tool to use to achieve business growth. However, just like any other social media channel, you need to know how to manage it properly. There must be a plan and design in place to ensure that your brand is presented at its best. Here are seven reasons why.

1. Brand consistency

Consistency is the key in social media. Your branding must not stop at your product packaging or your website. Your content, tone, style, and voice must carry through across all social media channels to help you stand out and be easily recognizable. 

2. Brand personality

Just like people, brands have their own personality too. Assigning a personality to your brand helps achieve differentiation and long-term brand equity. Portraying this on Instagram allows people to understand what the brand is truly about beyond just your products and services.

3. Constant advertising

Posting on Instagram is pretty much always a form of advertising. Don’t waste this opportunity to present your business by ensuring that each post is well-designed. This will not only entice followers to “like” it but more importantly, help you get your message across, encourage engagement and sales.

4. Website visibility

A well-curated feed makes people more curious to see more. Having a clickable link to your website on your Instagram bio will encourage people to visit it and learn more about your brand.

5. Connections

Social media is all about connecting not just with your clients but with potential partners and collaborators as well. Individuals and other brands impressed with your feed will want to work with you and possibly help grow your business.

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6. Leads

Chances are, there are still people who don’t know about your business. Planning your Instagram strategy helps you determine how to be more visible and attractive to these potential clients and collaborators.

7. Conversation

Instagram is great for engaging followers and getting to know them. It is only by knowing them well that you will be able to come up with new ideas that they will love and support.

Design helps you attract your dream clients and Instagram is the perfect visual tool to do this. Designing a story that people want to see and follow will help you make the most out of what Instagram has to offer.

Need help planning and designing your Instagram? I can help you design a customised Instagram Style Guide for your brand that will be your visual road map for creating a scroll-stopping feed. Shoot me an email if you wish to learn more.

8. Efficiency

Not everyone can spend every waking moment on posting on Social media. Thats why its a great idea to plan your content and have admin days or batch days. You can spend a whole day creating content and then the afternoon planning a whole months worth of content. You can use Preview app or Planoly to help you do this. Planning your content this way will reduce stress and also mean that you only spend one day doing your content rather than breaking up your working day with bits and pieces of posting. Something that can really help is a template like this Instagram Puzzle feed. 

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