5 steps to creating social media content that converts

Posting a blurry photo and expecting people to engage with it is like walking up to a person sleeping and expecting a positive reaction from them. In short, your content has to offer something good to be worthy of someone’s attention.

My journey in social media, especially with Instagram, taught me a lot about how to understand and engage with my audience better. Here are the 5 steps that helped me create social media posts that convert: 

1. Know your audience

What’s the purpose of making that post? Who are your target audience? 

Here’s a hint: not everyone is your audience. 

Start by conducting a research to identify your audience demographics and developing a customer persona. Understanding your audience gives you a better idea of their pain points, what frustrates them, and what they like.

Once you figure out who they are, do your best to help them. It’s not all about what you can get from your audience but more about what you can do for them. 

2. Treat social media like real life

Social media contributes to people’s perception of your brand. Build a better social media presence simply by being human. 

Online users today prefer to get to know a company in a personal way. Show the face behind the brand, the activities of the team, and more! Social media is also a great way to build great relationships with your audience instead of making them followers.  

3. The three E’s: educational, emotional, and entertaining

Your job is to give something vital to solve the problem of your audience whether it’s as simple as taking their boredom away. Create or share content that revolves around your niche through videos and photos that evoke positive emotions in your viewers.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match these three to generate high-quality content. Let your audience know how you can contribute to their lives better so you can gain their trust.


4. Be consistent

Check the creative elements you use. Are they consistent? I know how fun it is to experiment with colours and photos but your social media needs to have consistency. Your brand should be recognisable. 

Match your’e whole branding. If you want to build a lively and cheerful brand, make sure it fits both your website and social media content. Use friendly copy and choose colour schemes and images that fit your brand well. This way, your audience will have a smooth-flowing experience whenever they switch to your social media and your website. 

5. Post scroll stopping images and content

Ever notice businesses linking their content instead of creating something for their social media? Linking is important but be sure to remember that you also need to improve your strategy to match the current needs of your audience. 

Social media is fast-paced. Posting plain, mediocre content guarantees a scroll past your post. After all, people can always look for good content to spend their time on.

Create fun and engaging content to step up your social media game. Visuals are great because they’re highly engaging and easy to spot. Anything visual is a good tactic for your social media so be sure to include them in your social media content. 

Start converting your audience!

It’s easy to set up a social media account but converting your target audience is another thing. Your social media content needs to be well-planned and authentic to be successful. 

Start by grabbing audience attention and use scroll stopping photos! The great thing about visuals is that they can be educational, entertaining, and emotional, too. 

Once you get your audience’s attention and trust, make sure you give them something valuable in return. 

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