5 signs it's time to rebrand your business

Rebranding is an essential step to continued growth for your business. Was there a time when you felt like your brand doesn’t match your business anymore? Or maybe you think you need to update something to keep up with or open yourself to a better market? Simply Whyte Design’s journey has come a long way. Since 2015, our brand has flourished into something better and we just keep moving forward. Rebranding is a lot of work but we’re flipping the page of our business to the next chapter. For a brand to grow and learn, rebranding is just a small step to that process.

Here are the 5 signs it’s time to rebrand and why we knew it was time to change:

1. You want to breathe new life into your brand

It might have been a while since you refreshed your look and it’s just a bit outdated and that’s ok, if a brand can last 10 years then its doing well! McDonalds and Coke have refreshed their brand countless times to grow with the times..

As you can see, we have a not-so-subtle transformation in our site. Visuals are the first thing that catches our audience’s attention. Hence the website change and new branding.

But our rebranding isn’t limited to visuals. We changed to strengthen and create a better brand that resonates our core values, mission, vision, and the services we offer. We want to establish a brand that reflects all these things.


2.The market is evolving

The business world moves so fast these days, with unlimited access to different networks through social media it can open up a whole new world to your business.  

We don’t want to be complacent with what we have and neither should you. Evolve with the market and keep up to date with the way the online business world works.

We strive to make our brand adaptable to different cultures and shifting demographics. Moving with the times and seeing the waves of untapped market helped us redefine and match our business goals.

3.Outgrowing the brand

This is a good thing! If your business is in a different place from where it was two years ago then bravo. Systems might have changed, you might know your ideal client more, you have honed in on your most popular services, all these things mean change and growth.

A business rebrands to avoid being outdated and to appeal to a new target market. Some of the things we included in rebranding are our website design, redesigned marketing tools such as our business card design, email signature, and MailChimp.

4.Differentiate from competitors

The way we present our brand becomes its identity through time. Losing the brand in a wide array of the marketplace because of uncanny similarity isn’t a good sign. You want your brand to stand out and let people know you can offer them solutions and relieve their pain points with our distinct ways.

brand audit checklist.png

5.Your business strategy changed

Everything in the digital world is constantly changing. And that’s a good thing.

Seeing how the trends, audience preferences, and content can change made should make your review how your operate as a brand. We did! We looked into what we need to change to become a brand that can support our clients’ wants and needs.

So we have updated with a brand new client management system that focuses on using our time more effectively and serving clients the best way we can.

Are you where you want to be?

Signs of rebranding can be in plain sight or can go deeper within your brand. And for us that’s what we saw in Simply Whyte Design. We noticed all the 5 signs it was time to rebrand and did our own audit.

We came to the conclusion that we want to become more effective and upgrade our brand to provide valuable results to our clients.

We reviewed our strategies and core mission to see if we are where we want to be, checked everything we wanted to change, and tackled how we’re going to change it. It’s a complex process but don’t ever let the potential to grow to pass you by.

Wondering if you need a rebrand? If you think your company doesn’t represent what you believe in, you can start evaluating if you need some rebranding, too.

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