5 Reasons You Should Hire a Graphic Designer

You may think you don't have a budget, or that paying a designer to pick a few fonts and colours is not worth it but I can assure you that if your are not a designer or don't have any design experience, creating what you want can turn into a nightmare. Here are 5 reasons why hiring a graphic designer can save you from that nightmare.

1. It save you time

Designers spend countless hours studying, researching and analysing design details and if you are starting or running your own business do you really have time to create a brand or logo? It’s not as easy as opening up Microsoft publisher and putting a few shapes and symbols together accompanied with comic sans font. There is a process involved, the right file types have to be used, an eye for design is needed and a designer has spent years developing the skills to..well...design! 

2. It saves you money

Thats ridiculous I hear you say but it’s true. Let’s say you spend all your time and effort doing your own logo only to find that it visually doesn't work on all types of mediums, its blurry when you printed it on your advert, the colours come out strange. What a drag! You have to go back to the start and do it all over again and whats worse is you have already launched it to your customers. So not only is this going to suck up your time again but your customers are not going to know who you are and you have to spend more time, relaunching, changing the logo everywhere you have used it and create stress for yourself. 

3. It can upstage your competition

Whether you are a one man band or a 20+ employee business looks can mean everything and having a fresh, professional, brand or design can be the difference between customers choosing you over the competition. When you have a professional brand or design vs something that is not your customers will subconsciously make a decision whether or not your business is trustworthy, legitimate and somewhere they want to go. Stand out from the crowd!

4. It keeps your brand consistent 

I always use a large brand like Mac Donalds to demonstrate this point. Their brand is recognised all over the world. You never mistake it for something else, children know it, adults know it, everyone knows it and why? For as long as Mac Donalds has been around they have kept brand consistency on point. Throughout the years there has been modifications and small updates to keep up with the world but its consistent.

5. A designer will design for your company and your clients 

When your a business owner it can be very hard to do the designs yourself, obviously you know your target audience but what you think looks good and what you like may be completely different to what your customers will be attracted to. A designer will develop a look and feel that you like but with your target audience in mind.

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