5 Reasons why a high-quality logo design costs more than $100

Do you wonder what you're paying for when you pay for a logo design? Why is it so gosh darn expensive?

A high-quality and professionally created logo is beneficial for your business. It gives your brand identity and people associate brands with their logo. It’s a significant tool for your business so why shortchange it? Plus, the person working for your logo took time, effort, and resources to build it. You’re paying for his/her years of expertise and skill-building.

I can tell you from my own experience why a logo should cost more than $100. Let’s talk about custom logos and look into details on why it needs to cost that much.

Here are 5 reasons why logo design should cost more than $100:

1. Time, education, and experience

You might not know this but most graphic designers take themselves through some type of course because they should and need to become qualified. In my case, I went to Yoobee School of Design and completed a Level 6 Diploma in Computer Graphic Design.

On top of that, I also spent a few years at a top graphic design studio. I learned a lot there, all the tricks and trade. Industry experience and learning under someone else with over 20+ years of experience has been key to where I am today.

And after all that, I've spent the last three to four years running my own freelance business. I experimented throughout my journey - learned the wrong ways to do things and the right ways, too.

So when I say that logo design should get more than $100 it’s because the process and getting to where we are as designers is not an easy path. These things took time, education, and experience.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become great at something. And if people in their job get paid $20 to $30 per hour then multiplied by 10,000 hours then that’s a lot of money for a job. That’s why logos should also be paid higher because it took years to gain all the knowledge to create an effective design.

2. Technical knowledge of file types and set up

You don't just pick what looks great. When you're doing a complete brand and logo file setup, there are different variations created, the right files types and technical set up. Logos are used for different things and platforms like web and print. The type of logo for each comes in different technicality and someone needs to know what they're doing to make sure that the logo is well-presented and correct. There is nothing worse than paying for a logo and finding out that you have been given a JPG that is too small for printing. PS you should be given your logo in a vector format.

Not sure what a vector is? Check out my blog post: Files your brand designer should be giving you

3. The process

Someone may be designing a beautiful brand and eye-catching logo for you and that’s great! There’s a unique creative process for each designer honed by different inspiration and experience over time which results in great design like your brand and logo.

And you want to pay for that. Because of that process, you now have a logo that speaks your brand, and a brand that speaks your purpose. If the person you hired doesn’t have enough experience or journey, you won’t have a nice and smooth experience and you may get a logo you don’t want.

4. The creative ability

When you’re looking for a designer, you’re always going to have to look through their portfolio. You’ll see their previous clients work, references, and client testimonials. This is great because you really can judge for yourself if their creative ability fits what you need and is worth more than $100.

5. The client care and attention

You want a graphic designer that really cares. As a client, you want them to have great attention to detail and be invested in what they do for your business. Going for a cheaper price isn't a bad route to take but you may not get what you want and need. In the end, you might be spending more.

To ensure that the graphic designer you’re going to hire will give their full attention to the project, you’ll need to play the part. Pay them for what they do to get that great client care and one-on-one service.

You get what you’re willing to pay for

Remember, you’re not only paying for the logo itself. It comes with the expertise that was built through education, experience, technical knowledge, and time. Your graphic designer makes sure that the logo can suit different platforms and is actually well-made for your brand. Their creative process and client care is also a significant factor to the overall creation of your logo.

Your logo deserves great attention because it speaks for your business and people creating it took years to gain knowledge. Next time you think about going cheap for a logo, think carefully: is it the best design your business deserves?

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