10 Web Design Facts Small Business Owners Should Know

Not all small business owners have websites for their business; some only have a half-put-together website just for their business to have an online presence. But no matter what size your business is, having an online presence is important and your website should reflect how you want to present your business to your target market.

Your business needs a website.

63% of consumers use websites to find businesses and 30% won’t consider a business without a website. (Source: Search Engine Land)

If you’re not convinced yet, then just think about the potential clients you are losing by not having a website.

A beautifully-designed website is a must.

87% of digital marketers and ecommerce professionals agree that design-driven companies outperform other businesses. (Source: Adobe)

Customer experience is the highest priority in 2017. The trend is moving towards design that will provide a personalised, relevant, and valuable customer experience.

38% of website visitors will stop engaging with the content if it has an unattractive layout or imagery. (Source: Adobe)

Taking the time and effort to invest in an attractive, well-designed website pays off because the consequence would mean having 38% of your target market leave your website. 

94% of website visitors cite web design elements as a reason for mistrusting a website. (Source: Forbes)

Some of the elements mentioned by the respondents that led them to mistrust a website are slow website intros and load times, busy or complex layouts, pop-up advertisements, small print, and boring web design.

Complete company information should be on your website.

86% of website visitors want to see information on products and services on the website. (Source: KoMarketing)

People that land on your website want to know about the products and services that you offer – make sure you provide the information they want.

64% of website visitors want to see contact information and 44% will leave the website if they cannot find it. (Source: KoMarketing)

Your website visitors are not just there to look around – they will look for information that will tell them how to contact you. Your website should include complete contact information that is visible or easily accessible from anywhere on your website.


Website load time matters.

39% of website visitors will stop engaging with the website if the images won’t load or the page takes too long to load. (Source: Adobe)

Although you want an attractive website, the time it takes for your website to load also matters. It is important to find that sweet spot of having a beautifully-designed website that loads in three seconds or even less.

75% of website visitors will not return to websites that took longer than four seconds to load. (Source: BBC News)

Not only will poor website load times make some of your site visitors leave your website, it will drive them not to visit your website again.

A mobile-friendly website is a must.

51.3% of people browse the internet on mobile or a tablet. (Source: The Guardian)

Last 2016, the percentage of mobile browsing (51.3%) has overtaken the percentage of desktop browsing (48.7%). Make sure your website looks good and provides a good user experience from any kind of device or browser.

48% of mobile users feel that the company didn’t care about their business if the website doesn’t work well on mobile. (Source: Think with Google)

Your website visitors’ impression of your business will suffer greatly if the site doesn’t work well on a mobile device. 

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