10 ways to use a digital collage

Are you familiar with collages? Let me give you a refresher.

The term collage was coined by Cubism artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in the 20th century. This art form is created by combining different materials like paper, photographs, cloth, or any other pieces you can think of. You just have to glue all these materials together on a surface to create an entirely new image. 

Today, collage has transcended beyond the manual act of cutting and pasting. It became more experimental, especially in the digital era. Lots of digital artists have been taking advantage of technological advancements to create what is known as a digital collage. 

So what is a digital collage?

A digital collage is an art form created by piecing and layering together a variety of virtual images and textures from different sources to create a whole new work of art. The multitude of materials all over the internet provides artists with endless possibilities with their art. 

Using a digital medium is flexible. Don’t have enough materials to create a collage? Digital collages can still have a traditional appeal. Simply edit the images gathered in the plethora of application and programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can also create collages in your mobile phone through an app like Picsart. 

The evolution of this art form is thrilling because you can never guess what’s going to happen next. It’s so varied and fun to experiment because people see things they can explore with it even today. 

Why are digital collages so popular?

Digital collages are never boring and have a one-of-a-kind appeal. They’re versatile and contain various elements in one artwork which makes them super unique! Creating them is also fun so lots of people tend to get into it.

What industries do digital collages work best for?


You can create a different style and vibe with collages to match the style and appeal in any type of industry. So far, I've created digital collages for influencers, bloggers, beauty businesses, skincare companies, book publishers, and hairdressers. 

How to use digital collages

Want to use digital collages for your personal blogs or even business? These great visuals can grab anybody’s attention in a snap!

Simply Whyte Design Digital Collage poster and flyers

1. Digital Collage Poster & flyers

Want to engage and capture your audiences’ attention? Send out posters and flyers that won't bore them to death! Use collages to help your audience understand what’s in the poster easier than plain text. 

Simply Whyte Design Digital Collage Happy Birthday card

2.Greeting Cards

Impress people with a cool-looking card! You never have to be embarrassed when giving it to a friend or customer.

Simply Whyte Design Digital collage tshirt


Wear and give away something unique using a collage design for your t-shirts! Use something personal or simply anything that goes with your style and brand. 

Simply Whyte Design Digital collage for Instagram

4.Instagram post & story

Don't settle for being a lurker on Instagram accounts with great images. Step up your feed's game and IG story with unique collages! This is a sure way for scroll-stopping content. 

digital collage simply whyte design pinterest.png


Want to make sure you'll get more attention on Pinterest? People love how different collages look like compared to a regular image. Utilise digital collages for your feed! 

Simply Whyte Design Digital collage facebook banner

6.Facebook banner

Grab people's attention to your page using a collage for banners! This is one of the images that people normally see first in a Facebook page so you got to make sure it creates an impact on your target market. 

7.Blog post image

Let's say you already have a great blog post but you just want to get more attention and traffic to your blog. You can use collages that visualise your thoughts and matches your blog to make them more appealing to the audience. This also helps get the idea to stay on people’s minds better, and they might share the blog too.

8.Website images

Make your visitors stay on your website page with captivating collages. This can also help you promote social sharing if they liked your website, which can lead to increased sales!

Simply Whyte Design digital collage podcast cover

9.Podcast cover

Entice people to listen to your new podcast with an image they can't resist! Charming covers can make your podcast stand out from the rest. 

10.Anywhere you can put a photo you can use a digital collage

Don’t limit yourself with these lists. It’s all up to you if you want to stick to a theme or experiment. One thing’s for sure: you can definitely use collages everywhere you want to use them! 

Attract your audience with digital collages!

Collages have been around for a long time but the experimental approach has made it more exciting especially in the digital age. Now we can use it for websites, social media pages, or even products! It’s a very effective way of not only grabbing attention but also charming people to stay and explore what businesses have to offer.

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