10 tools and tips every entrepreneur needs

Whoever told you that being an entrepreneur is "easy" is just so wrong. It IS hard. Haters will bring you down, jealous people will keep telling you what's wrong with you, and trolls will comment on your social media posts.

But you know what's great about being an entrepreneur? You are in control. So don't let anything people say get in your head. Just drive your business!

How I started

I was studying at the university and was that weird student who hung around after class to ask questions. Always over-achieving but loving life. 

I was doing my first ever branding project and was still figuring out how everything worked and the things I needed to do while I had all these ideas that I just couldn’t get the result I was looking for. 

The deadline was approaching so I went to my teacher to ask for help. He told me that I just have to stay up until 3 am in the morning to create something. I thought it was a bit intense so I asked for another way and that’s when he told me:

"Well if you don't want to stay up till 3am in the morning then you will never be a graphic designer".

I took great offence to this. I mean, who was this person to tell me that just because I didn't want to stay up until 3am in the morning, then I would never be a graphic designer. The cheek! After all, here I was studying all the time, staying after class and was totally dedicated.

And yes, I cried on the stairs and almost quit uni. I didn't go through all of this just to be told I would never make it and to also "live the dream" working till 3am. Pffftttt! 

But I didn’t give up. And now, I’m actually thankful for those words because what I learned then helped me where I am now. Here are some life tips I learned along the way and I want to share them with you, too: 

1. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something 

I'm so stubborn that when someone tells me it can't be done, I find a way. Where there is a will there is a way!

This personality trait might seem negative but in business, it’s a total positive. When you hear the words can’t it really just means that someone hasn’t found a way to do it yet. 

2. There isn't just one way to do something 

Did you ever think that working more hours, say 80 hours per week, would get you more money which can eventually make you happier? I did. But it turns out, that's not quite true. There is more than one way to skin a cat and these days if you’re clever, you can get just as much done but more efficiently.

Whatever business you are in, you need to design a life you love. There are so many other ways to work and you just have to find your way around it. Basically -- work smarter, not harder. 

3. Learn from others

Aside from our own experiences, other people have some great nuggets (yes I just said nuggets) of wisdom with them that's totally helpful for you in the long run. If you're just starting your journey as an entrepreneur, you might want to read, listen to, and absorb all the tips and tricks people will tell you. Then from there, you find which ones work for you and which ones don’t.

4. Create a plan

You can't just dive into an industry, career, or business without a plan. You need to make sure you know why you're doing what you're doing, where you see it in the future, and more. Establish your goals. It will be hard to navigate with your life if you don't start everything with a plan. 

5. Never give up no matter how many times you fail

Don't let your failures discourage you. Instead, let it be your motivation to try again and again. If you become so afraid of trying simply because you've failed, you're hindering your chance to go after something bigger and better. 

Developing thick skin in whatever industry you’re in would mean you really need to put yourself out there. And these things helped me to get where I am today. We, as business owners, continue to juggle tasks and make decisions every day. We need to be tough and strive harder to make sure that everything flows the way we want them to be.

10 Tools for your business:

I use various tools to make my work life less complicated. These tools helped me manage my tasks better. Read and check which tools can be helpful for your own business: 

1. Workflow management: Asana

Streamline your workflow while communicating with your peers using Asana. This tool is an all-in-one place for planning, assigning tasks, sending documents, and more! 

2. Communication: Slack

Emails aren't that efficient if you just want to send a quick message to your team, right? An instant messenger like Slack allows you to stay connected with your colleagues every day. You can chat, notify, group chat, share documents and more. Plus, you can get it for free for your business!

3. Graphic design: Canva

Need a quick fix for graphics? If you don't have a graphic designer in your team or you simply want to take up the challenge of creating your own graphics, then Canva should definitely be one of the tools you should use! You can create lots (I mean LOTS) of graphic output even if you have limited graphic design skills.

My puzzle feed on Instagram is an example of how you can use Canva for your feed. Get one for you, too!

4. Stock Images: Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Adobe stock and more

Make your feed look professional and engaging by using professional stock photos from different stock sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexel, Adobe Stock and more. The photos on this site are high-quality and definitely "IG worthy". Subscribe to access the gorgeous selection of images for your social accounts, websites, and other graphic needs. 

Visit my blog post here to see more stock photo sites!

5. Shop: Shopify or Squarespace

Want to sell your products online? Then check out these two sites we love: Shopify and Squarespace. Both are easy to use and allows a great customer shopping. Read my blog post about "Squarespace vs Shopify: Which site builder should you use for your e-commerce website?" to find out which one is more compatible with your business. 

6. Visual Marketing: Tailwind

Use Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest and Instagram posts. You can also monitor conversation, amplify reach, and analyse results with this tool. Save time and maximise your reach!

7. Email marketing: ConvertKit

Looking for an email service provider that can handle even the complicated email marketing strategies you have? ConvertKit is the answer for you. It's so easy to implement and they have 24/7 support, too! 

8. Instagram scheduler: Planoly

Planoly is the first visual planner for Instagram. Curate your IG posts and captions perfectly and schedule them in one place!

9. Password management: LastPass

If you have lots of accounts to log in to every single day, chances are you'll get the passwords mixed up or worse you'll forget most of them. LastPass is a great tool for managing your accounts or even sending them to your team without having to send it through the internet. 

10. Business Management: Dubsado

Dubsado is an excellent tool for managing all your business needs -- from building relationships with clients, scheduling appointments, email automation, creating workflows, and more! Get more done with this all-in-one management tool. 

Use the code DUBIT to get a discount.

Ready to take control? 

As I said above, there isn’t one way of doing things. Each business is different. For me, these are the important things that made me feel more in control of my own journey while still picking up lessons along the way. 

In the end, you really need to develop a thick skin and be open to changes and failures to achieve success. 

Also, using tools for your business will save you time, energy, AND countless headaches. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that? So start utilising all the tools that can help you ease the stress and make your job easier. 


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