10 Graphic Design Trends 2019

2019 is an exciting time for graphic designers. There are lots of new things to explore, new tools to use, and even the reemerging styles are something to look forward to!

Design is a field full of experiments which can be playful, serious, futuristic, and out-of-this-world!

Want to see more about today's trends? Check this list out and maybe you'll even find the style that fits your brand. 

Without further ado, let's get started!

1. Digital collages 

Digital collages come in many forms: it can be purely a variety of images layered together, or you can use textures and flat elements which makes the main focus pop!

You can see more of my collages here.

2. Flat vector illustration

This type of design looks clean and seamless which makes it a great fit for almost any industry.

See more of my vector illustrations!

3. Instagram puzzle feeds

Of course, social media graphics should be on the list! A puzzle feed for your IG is definitely a great way to catch everyone’s attention in a snap!

4. Activist and feminist design

We shouldn't be silenced in this day and age. Use graphics that speak your cause and addresses social issues!

5. Micromotion design

Simple and small motion creates impact and contributes to user experience. Make sure you have them on your website and social media!

6. Augmented reality

Open a new door of possibilities by linking traditional AND digital art with augmented reality!

7. Minimal with bold colours 

Less is more with these vibrant graphics! Keep things uncluttered and let everyone's eyes focus on the main subject (like THAT adorable Halloween kitten). 

Use these cute, vibrant, and playful graphics for your social media!

8. Memphis 

Don't like framed and strict grids? The Memphis design is perfect for you! This style doesn't follow the "rules" and often reflects the 80s, Art Deco, Pop Art and 1950’s Kitsch. Just like my collage kit!

9. Bookman & Oldstyle Serifs revival

This style is having a comeback and integrates typefaces like Bookman, Oldstyle, or any transitional styles to create graphics with more life and personality. 

10. 3D design and typography

It's impossible to end this list without 3D designs and typography. This design is definitely everywhere. And the best part is, it just works with everything! Sans-serif, script, bold, skinny, or any font and style can now be in 3D. 

Lovin’ these 2019 designs? 

I honestly find all these trends gorgeous! Do you? 

I think anyone will find the right style for them with these designs. The creative industry is definitely growing and becoming more and more experimental with the styles and forms which are all exciting to watch! 


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