10 Business Tools I Cannot Live Without as an Online Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneu or a business that heavily relies on any kind of online software, then you are going to want to keep on reading. I've gathered up some of my most favourite online tools that I use every day in business.

Some of the tools are paid but most of them have free versions that you can use as well. I’ve found that these tools are essential to running a business that makes your life easier and also your customers.

1. Trello

Super awesome for managing workflow, to do lists, documenting processes, all sorts of things and it has a free option. If you refer people to join Trello they also give you up to 12 months for free! So if you like to use it then share it around.


2. Hello Sign

This does cost money but its sooooo worth it. I use it for when I need to send online contracts. It’s super simple to use and even better to use for your clients which means your contracts come back faster. See ya crappy admin and paper!


3. Planoly, Preview or Later

Both are Instagram planners/schedulers, hold hashtags and have a whole load of other features. Planoly is great because it has a desktop version and an app. Preview is currently just for mobile but is still fantastic. Both have free and paid options. I was also lucky enough to be interviewed feature on the preview app and chatted about How to make animated posts for Instagram




4. Canva

As a designer I do use the Adobe creative suite but I do also use Canva and this is because a lot of clients like templates designed for them that they can carry on with themselves. Canva has a free and paid version.



5. Streak for Gmail

Organising your emails can be a right pain in the backside but with Streak you can put notifications on to see who has opened your emails, schedule to send emails later on and it even has a sales pipleline built into it so you can keep a track of prospects.


6. Squarespace

Of course Squarespace has to come into the list. A really great website builder for small to medium sized businesses who want to be able to control and update their own website with no hassle. As a Squarespace Circle member if you build a site with me I am able to give you a 20% discount off your first year with Squarespace.


7. GoDaddy and Only Domains

These are the only two domain providers that I use for a number of reasons.

Only Domains

  • takes a little more than a few clicks to connect with Squarespace but is still fairly easy

  • has the most beautiful interface, which makes it easy to navigate

  • has other great supporting tools you can buy

  • has an online chat that has saved me so much time


Go Daddy

  • can connect to Squarespace with one click

  • the interface is super easy to use

  • they are a stable provider

  • you can speak to them on the phone


8. MailChimp

Free for up to 2,000 subscribers, drag and drop templates, great list management and a knowledge-base for miles, MailChimp is my go to for creating newsletters.


9. Wave

Finding an accounting system for my business was one of the hardest jobs. Everyone kept recommending Xero and while it’s a great system, for my needs it was too much. When your’e picking a system really think about what it is that you need, how many transactions you are doing and how it fits into your business. I love Wave because its free, the interface is so easy to use, you can integrate it really easily into your workflow and it just makes my life so much easier. I’m really lucky that I have a super powerful accountant who sorts me out with everything too.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

10. Tailwind

Getting traffic to my site and getting discovered is really hard but with Tailwind most of my overseas traffic comes from there and its great! It’s basically like a scheduling tool for Pinterest. You can also join group boards to help share other peoples content who also help to share yours. Check me out on Pinterest and lets connect.


And there you have it my 10 Business Tools I cannot live without as an online entrepreneur.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. But don't worry - I'd never recommend a product I don't know, love and trust!

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