Hey Bianca, thanks so much for working with Simply Whyte Design.

The links on the left hand side include step-by-step instructions to use your site. It’s best if you follow the steps in order from top to bottom to make your experience easy and fun.

To login to your site any time you can come here or to get to it even faster enter your squarespace url and hit the escape key to bring up the login page.

I’ve also added you to my free library of tutorials which is growing every day. To access it just head on over to the Resource Login use the password FREELIBRARY.

Just in case you had some more questions here are the most commonly asked ones

Where do I get SquareSpace support?

All of my web design clients receive their complimentary video training session at the end of their project where I teach you how to use your website. However, if you need more help than this and the video training session provided, I highly recommend these guides and resources:

SquareSpace Help | SquareSpace has a huge library of tutorials that can help you figure out how to use and maintain your website.

Squarespace Customer Care | SquareSpace is known for its amazing customer service. They always reply to customer inquiries within 48 hours, so if your website encounters tech issues, you're in safe hands.

If you need more help than this you can always come back to me and I will work with my hourly rate.

What are the different files types and their uses?

Here's a breakdown of what the file types should be used for:

  • PSD. This file is for Photoshop. If you have Photoshop yourself you can open your logo in it and make cool graphics with it, or place it over photos.
  • AI. This file is for Adobe Illustrator and it's a vector file. This means that it can be scaled bigger or smaller without losing quality. You can only open this in Illustrator itself.
  • JPEG. This file can be used anywhere on the web and in lots of free editing programs.
  • PNG. This file can also be used a lot on the web. The difference is that this file has a transparent background and JPEGS do not.
  • PDF. This is suitable for print. (This is the file I always prefer to use for print.)
  • EPS. This is suitable for print.

How do I make my own graphics?

You don't need Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own graphics. Canva is a free editing program that comes with free templates for blog posts and eBook templates. You can upload your logo in here and use your brand colors to keep your graphics in line with your brand.

Alternatively, if you want a unique and perfectly branded graphics or eBook, get in touch with me for a custom quote!

Can you recommend a good printer?

I work along side my very own handpicked printers, if you need something printed get in touch and I can manage the project for you or if you are overseas I can recommed a good international printer.

Do you know of any other tools that will help me in my business?

GSUITE- email for business - use code V79TY4AYYKX4L7J to get %20 off basic plan and code V7RGEN6TPMCLHLE to get 20% of business plan

TRELLO- for managing projects

PLANOLY- a visual tool for Instagram, you can schedule and plan posts.

TAILWIND - for scheduling and growing with Pinterest.

TAX WORKSHOPS - Learn all you need to know and its free (only in NZ)

I need you to do a few things for me...

I need you to do a few things for me... No problem! I offer a variety of services such as ebook design, one-page PDF design, additional website pages, importing blog posts to SquareSpace and more. Email me at to request a quote and get started!

I would like FREE PROMOTION on your blog and showcase my business

Thats amazing and we would love to have you! To make it really easy I've create a fun form for you to fill out. BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT